Last Ride Funeral Services is a family-owned company dedicated to providing unique, high quality professional services for biker and non-bike funerals. We can help you pay tribute to your loved one’s thrill of the open road. It is our firm belief that passion for riding should not end with their passing. That is why we provide these services by which friends and family alike can send off their loved one in a fashion that is fitting with the lifestyle they have lived. These memories will be cherished long after your beloved has taken their Last Ride.    

     We understand that you want reliability and dignity in times of bereavement. We pride ourselves in putting the utmost importance into making this difficult day in your life go as you wish it to go. We will work closely with you and your chosen Funeral Directory to ensure that everything goes right for you. We also offer our services direct to you or all other types of organizations.

      Besides the motorcycle hearse coach, we offer several unique services that will honor the life of your dearly departed. Check our website for additional information and fees on these services.

     We can provide you with our services in the Chicagoland area within 48 hours of prior notification where we will arrive dressed in a white tuxedo type shirt, black pants, and vest with shined boots. We feel the uniform exudes style and class while adding a sense of dignity and professionalism as we take your loved one on their Last Ride.

    You should consider pre-planning your final arrangements using Last Ride Funeral Services. Pre-planning ensures that your wishes are implemented and also saves your family the emotional strain of decision making.